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Meet the Retirement Professor


Martin C. Schneider, CFP®

The Retirement Professor

In 2013, after interviewing several marketing companies to look for his next (and as he says his “last”) marketing organization, Martin C. Schneider, CFP® was looking for a partnership with a company that shared his vision. Marty is a featured speaker at our training events and is a wealth of knowledge for producers looking to grow their branding and establish client credibility.

Why did Marty partner with Magellan Financial?

“Seeing more qualified prospects”, says Marty Schneider, “that’s what this is all about. I book four appointments every single day with qualified prospects as a direct result. Working with Magellan is going to allow me the platform to share the system that I can attribute very much of my professional success to. It’s a very exciting time and we can’t wait to get started.”


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