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Social Security Sales System

Social Security Sales System

Magellan Financial has been at the forefront of Social Security marketing and lead generation since 2011 and last year over 30 producers wrote at least $3 Million or more in new Fixed Index Annuity business as a result of our Social Security training and lead generation programs. Our innovative sales process and lead generation partnerships will help you get in front of more qualified prospects for less money. Put our experience to work for you today.

How Can You Get Started?

Your Magellan Marketing Team Member will get you started in 30 days or less for a price that may surprise. We help you handle the setup, provide detailed scripts, cheat sheets and training to help lead you to the path of success. Learn practical tips from our top producers  and help your clients learn to sift through the many filing options for their Social Security Benefits to help them with part of their retirement income planning.


Make sure you ask how we can help you fill your next workshop for under $2,000!

The “Social Security Sales System” is not affiliated with the US Government or endorsed by any Governmental Agency. While there may be many filing scenarios, most consumers only have a few options for their own unique situation. Agents should refer their clients to the Social Security Administration, www.ssa.gov, or a tax or legal professional for guidance on their own specific situation.
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